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FAQ for Automatic Related Products

I signed up for AI Automatic Related Products. Now how can I use it with my OXID store?

Once you receive an order confirmation and the license key for your OXID store please complete the following steps to start using AI Automatic Related Products:

1. Install OXID extension

You can download and install the extension from the OXID exchange market place: Go to OXID extension for AI Automatic Related Products

2. Activate with License Key

After installing the extension please input your license key to authorize your OXID store. In the admin area go to “Extensions”, “Modules” and click on “Related Products” in the list of extensions. The license key may be inputted under “Settings” and “Authentication”. You receive the license key my email together with the order confirmation.

You’re now all set to start computing the product suggestions for your online store. You can start the computation and review product suggestions after selecting “Related Products” in the left navigation bar of your OXID store’s admin area.

How do I set up computing of suggestions for related products?

Set up for computing product suggestions is done in your online store’s admin under “Compute” (first navigate to “Module”, “Related Products”). The following configuration options are available:


Number of Related Products

Determines how many suitable products should be computed for a product and displayed in the store. The highest possible number depends on your current plan for AI Automatic Related Products.


Period of considered shopping baskets

Define how far back shopping basket should be considered. As a rule of thumb, the number of shopping baskets taken into account increases the relevance of the product proposals. Therefore, no too short a period should be chosen. For most use casese we recommend to try first the deafult 12-month period. A different configuration may be useful if for example your store’s stock shows strong seasonal variations or to consider any other substantial product changes.


How long does it take to compute the product suggestions?

Computing the suggestions for related products usually only takes a few minutes. For stores with a high amount of shopping baskets and particularly many products computing might take a while longer.

You receive an email once the calculations are finished and suggestions for related products are available to be activated. Notification emails are sent to the email address used to order your Automatic Related Products plan. The admin area of your online store also shows notifications for ongoing calculations as well as when computing is finished and related product suggestions are available for review and activation.

Does computing of related product suggestions affect my online store’s performance?

No. While algorithms and AI models used for computing your online store’s related product suggestions are highly complex, all calculations are done within our AI cloud. We transfer your store’s past shopping basket data into our AI cloud where all computations are done. Once done results are transferred back to your online store for review and approval.

Do you collect or process my customers’ personal data?

We neither collect nor process any personal data, using AI Automatic Related Products is fully GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. No personal data is transferred away from your online store or in any other way collected or processed. All our algorithms need to skyrocket your sales are past shopping baskets without any personal data whatsoever.

Where are product suggestions computed and stored?

We transfer your store’s past shopping basket data into our AI cloud where all computations are done. Once done results are transferred back to your online store for review and approval.

Most recent product suggestions calculations are also stored on our servers for convenient access to past calculations. Available stored product suggestions calculations may be accessed under “Compute”.


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