Sell more with ai.
skyrocket sales with automatIC related products.

Take the guesswork out of your online store’s related products strategy. We use artificial intelligence to automatically analyze past shopping baskets and determine the most relevant related products based on actual shopping behavior. Online stores have seen their sales from related products skyrocket up to 10x with our AI Automatic Related Products solution.

How Automatic Related Products works

purchase behavior based

We look at shopping baskets of past orders and determine which products are being purchased often and how shoppers combine them. This enables AI Automatic Related Products to show your online store’s visitors suggestions for related products that are super relevant to products they look at.

Powered by AI

Our service applies scientifically based algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to analyze purchase behavior. Once calculated in our AI cloud, related products suggestions are transferred to your online store where you can either confirm them with just one click or review and customize.

Skyrocket Sales

Just within a few weeks online store operators who use AI Automatic Related Products often experience significant increases in sales for the related products category in their store. Often sales multiply with Automatic Related Products – even up to 10-fold compared to manual handling!

Benefits using Automatic Related Products

drive sales

Yes, we already mentioned it before. But it’s so awesome, we have to mention it again: Some of our customers have seen their sales from related products multiply up to 10-fold with our solution! AI Automatic Related Products is an effective way to cross-sell, reach higher conversions and increase shopping basket values.

save time

What previously took hours or even days now just requires a few minutes of your time. By applying scientific methods and AI technology, there is no need to manually assign related products or having to sort through complex plugin rules and configurations. AI Automatic Related Products does the heavy lifting for you automatically and frees up precious time for online store operators.

instill trust, be data privacy compliant

The ever-growing number of leaks and data privacy scandals has online users increasingly worried about how their personal data is being used. AI Automatic Related Products is fully GDPR compliant and respects your buyers’ privacy. We only analyze shopping baskets and neither collect nor process any of your customers’ personal data. 

Product Details and Pricing




Max. number of products/SKU in store  

up to 1,000

up to 7,500

up to 15,000

Ecommerce Platform Compatibility

more coming soon




Fast, automatic AI powered definition of related products

Comfortable preview of related products

Customizable suggestions per product

Configure number of suggestions displayed

Define how many suggestions visitors see on a product page

up to 3

up to 7

up to 7

History of previous related products calculations

Access past calculations up to 12 months back

Time period of considered shopping carts customizable

Anonymous, GDPR compliant analysis

Only shopping cart data used, no customer data is transferred

Free email support included

Term and billing cycle

no lenghty contracts; billing at beginning of each term

3 months

3 months

3 months

00,00 € first month

then 29,00 € / month*

excl. VAT

00,00 € first month

then 49,00 € / month*

excl. VAT

00,00 € first month

then 79,00 € / month*

excl. VAT

Have more than 15,000 products in your store? Managing multiple stores? Contact us now for a tailor-made offer.

All offers for commercial users only, not for consumers.

Questions about AI Automatic Related Products? We’re happy to answer.

Does calculating related products affect my online store’s performance?

No. While the algorithms and AI involved in calculating related products for your online store are highly complex, all of this is done in our AI cloud. We transfer data of past shopping baskets from your online store into our AI cloud. Once calculation is done, results for related products are transferred back to your online store for review and approval.

Do you collect or process my customers’ personal data?

We neither collect nor process any personal data, using AI Automatic Related Products is fully GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. No personal data is transferred away from your online store or in any other way collected or processed. All our algorithms need to skyrocket your sales are past shopping baskets without any personal data whatsoever.


For more information, installation and user manual please see the help center for AI Automatic Related Products.

*) All prices net, excl. VAT. All offers for commercial users only, not for consumers. Billing cycle 3 months. Automatically renewed for the agreed billing cylce if subscription is not cancelled with a notice of month in advance to the end of the billing cylce. Payment for billing cylce in advance. In addition the service description and our terms and conditions shall apply. Offer is subject to changes.