The Use Case:

A strategic marketing consultancy is applying for a project to design the marketing strategy of a major German city. Through focus groups and research, there are own assumptions, gut feelings, and ideas about the target audience needs. However, it is difficult to really grasp or verify these.

The Goal:

The consultancy seeks an independent view of the target audience – residents and tourists in and around the city – along topics, moods and trends that can be substantiated from real audience data.

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The Case in Detail: Strong Social Media KPIs for Powerful Arguments

Developing a marketing strategy is no easy task. It is necessary to determine goals and needs, to formulate the core messages and to weigh up tactics. Timeline and budget additionally limit the scope. It becomes particularly difficult when products are less tangible – this is also the case here.

A major German city invited proposals for a project to define its marketing strategy for the next 5 years. The focus was to be on making the city more attractive for residents, but also for tourists from near and far.

Our pilot client, the marketing consultancy, was in competition with numerous other agencies to win this competition and work on it for the city. A lot of work already goes into the preparation – focus groups, market research and analysis, and a lot of experience in the relevant field form the building blocks for such a project proposal.

On behalf of the consultancy, we carried out an unbiased social media target audience analysis along the following steps without prior research:

  1. Smart target audience filters – Identification of the Relevant Target Audience
  2. Algorithms & Analytics in Action – Generation of Information
  3. Audience Insights – Derivation of Insights and Options for Action

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