The Case:

A kitchen appliance manufacturer is looking for new advertising opportunities in digital channels for its marketing mix. They are already using various online and social media channels, but are not completely convinced of the lack of feedback about the target group’s perception.

The Goal:

The company wants an awareness campaign that focuses on a specific product range. In addition to impressions, commitment should also be measured.

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Influencers for mid-sized businesses…

Influencer marketing has gained a firm place in the marketing mix of large companies – especially B2C companies. But it also becomes more relevant for mid-sized businesses, which are increasingly taking advantage of marketing opportunities through consumers. This is understandable, as the efficiency of classical advertising channels, but also of digital banner advertising, is declining more and more.

Smaller companies have opened up a special niche: The micro Influencers. These are users with a loyal following or a particularly good standing in a community, but who have significantly fewer followers than the stars and starlets of the social networks.

The latter are not only very expensive, but also act in heterogeneous, mixed target groups. If a certain product or brand is in the foreground, this is of no interest to the majority of listeners and in this case money thrown out with the watering can for the advertiser.

Smaller Influencers, which are sometimes not at all conscious of their role, usually have very homogeneous Follower groups. Thus a much more focused target group can be reached. In addition, the interaction with content is usually much higher in these groups – of course, if everyone is interested in the contributions, you are more likely to discuss them.

…made suitable for our customers

The customer in this use case is also a mid-sized business. Already very active in social media and various online advertising channels, the company is looking for ways to use influencer marketing really effectively. With the increasing number of influencer agencies and intermediary platforms, the company is faced with uncertainty about the credibility of influencers, as they themselves register with such providers – even those who merely wish to become successful influencers, but perhaps are not influential.

In addition, the company is looking for a way to address as homogeneous a target audience as possible in a first small Influencer Marketing project. Network Insight helps solve this problem through Influential Content Marketing.

Our approach is as follows:

  1. Objective Algorithms – Identifying Actual Influencers in the Target Audience
  2. Win-Win-Win campaigns – Creating Value for all Parties Involved
  3. Engagement Instead of Impressions – Success through Interaction with Content

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