The Case:

A B2B shop in the restaurant and catering goods sector with a range of over 15,000 articles has for some time observed only insignificant increases in turnover. Shopping basket size, bounce rate and length of stay remain constant.

The Goal:

The shop operator is therefore looking for ways to increase the flow of goods and overall turnover. He does not want to shake the existing pricing strategy.

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The Case in Detail: Challenges for Online ShopOperators

It is not easy to set up a good online shop. This does not only concern the structure, design and portfolio decisions, whereby these alone already entail a variety of tasks: Design of article pages, implementation of customer guidance features, simple shopping cart processing, inviting landing pages, mobile-friendly structure, great article pictures. As an operator, you also have to keep an eye on support, advertising measures, discount campaigns, SEO and SEM optimization, e-mail marketing and more. Especially if shop browsing is to be facilitated, cross- and up-selling as well as article recommendations (so-called related products, or accessories) are used, which are entered manually. If a shop then achieves a reasonable conversion rate, many shy away from touching the finally running system again. Who wants to risk that the turnover will go back to the basement? Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to continuously change online shops and track the effects. These tests can be used to generate valuable insights that generate extraordinary results with relatively little work. This is what happened in this case. A relatively large online store with over 15,000 items was looking for new ways to improve the customer experience in the store, as well as ultimately increase the conversion rate. This is where Network Insight comes in. We helped the online shop operator with our data-driven network analysis as follows:

  1. Automation – Smart Identification of Related Products
  2. Plausibility check – Testing against human intelligence
  3. Practice Test – Tracking the Impact on the Shop Experience

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