The trailer release of Avengers 4…

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has already conquered the hearts of an entire generation with over 15 movies and numerous series and games. After the infamous Snap in Avengers Infinity War, expectations were high. Countless videos and social media threads are devoted to theories and discussions around the next part of the series – Avengers Endgame.

…and how NASA joined the discussion

Here you will find a short analysis about the release of the trailer for the film and how NASA became part of the discussion on Twitter without much effort and with a high reach of over 400,000 retweets, likes, and replies.

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Fans at their limit

Expectations are high, the last film of the Avengers series was not only an incredible cross-over with a cast of over 25 top characters, revenues of 640 million US dollars on the first weekend and 2:40 hours of cumulative suspense, but also an intensively discussed film. So it’s not really surprising that two trailers from last week and a rumor put fans to the test.
To follow the exciting discussion about the Marvel Universe, we have created an audience that includes all discussions about our beloved characters. During the last week, the fan community experienced several events that caused them to get excited. We’d like to take a look at them here.

What we analyzed:

    1. Captain Marvel Trailer 2 and its Perception
    2. The Title Talk: Annihilation vs. Endgame
    3. The Character Talk: Tony vs. Scott
    4. NASA to the Rescue: How to Craft a Successful Tweet

To see how NASA successfully and positively embedded itself in the discussion about the Avengers and the MCU with a single contribution that generated over 400,000 retweets, likes and replies, jump directly to 4. NASA to the rescue.
The analyses are based exclusively on publicly posted tweets.
Attention – contains spoilers!

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