The innovative solution for Social Listening by Network Insight is now available in an updated version. New exciting features make for even better, more insightful analyses of target audiences with Social Media data.

This is what’s new with Audience Insights, our Social Listening solution for brands:

  • Geography: A world map shows geographical distribution of content. See quickly and easy in which countries your audience posts the most.
  • Hashtag and word clouds: Find out which hashtags and words are being used the most within your target audience.
  • Language Distribution: See in which languages your audience converses the most
  • TOP-Accounts: Displays the most active Social Media users within your audience. Filter by type, for example by business or personal account
  • Project Filter: Filter options which may be applied globally to all analyses and views of your project


The world map with geographical distribution of content allows to quickly see in which countries content is published within your target audience. The blue coloring from bright to dark makes visible the relative distribution of content. Hover your mouse above a country to see how many mentions for this country were found. Clicking on a country displays a list with all found content pieces below the map.

Hashtag and Word Cloud

Find out quickly what topics are hot: Audience Insight’s hashtag cloud and word cloud visualize keywords and hashtags that are being used often within your target audience.

While there are already two powerful tools for monitoring topics and trends in Audience Insight’s Social Listening suite with topic snapshots and topic history, the new hashtag and word clouds allow for an even more detailed analysis of target audiences. Click on a word in the cloud to find all mentions listed where the keyword or hashtag is found.

Language Distribution

The cake diagram shows which languages are being used within a target audience. Click on a part of the diagram to have the corresponding content pieces listed below the diagram.

TOP Accounts

Lists the most active Social Media users within you audience. There are numerous options to filter the accounts. For example by business or personal accounts, by emotions or specific topic areas.

Project Filter

Filter options which are applied globally to all analyses and views in your project. For the moment you can choose from filtering by languages and Social Media account types. Filters may be configured by clicking on “Project Filter” in the top left of your dashboard.
All new features are available for all Audience Insights plans. Existing accounts have access to the new features as well. As an existing user of Audience Insights Social Listening you will be walked through the new features in a few quick steps the next time you log into your account.

Not an Audience Insights user yet) The product page for Audience Insights has all details about our Social Listening solution which is also available in a free version.