Events and Knowledge Nights

Join us in lively discussions, connect with other businesses from your industry, and refresh your knowledge about your line of work at one of our upcoming events!


Come join us for exciting lectures and find inspirations for your own company! Afterwards, we offer you the opportunity to exchange and network with the speakers and participants in a relaxed atmosphere. The physical well-being of course is taken care of as well.Lectures of the night include:

  • Guest lecture Prof. Dr. Andreas Engelen: Trends and challenges towards Social Media Marketing 2025
  • Colliding trends: How a new consumer privacy mindset and Big Data Analysis influencer target audience identification
  • Network Insight: Innovative approaches for target audience identification and insights, and efficient Content Marketing in homogenous audiences

For whom? Interested participants from the field of marketing and sales, marketers and marketing agencies
May 23, 2018, 18:00
Where? TU Dortmund, Technology center

Registration required, please register until May 11 2018 (required information: full name, E-Mail, and company of all registering participants)




Come join us for an exciting Hackathonin Dortmund to find out what’s written between the lines anywhere on the web and build creative solutions around it. How’s the mood in the twittersphere? Which articles are written too angrily to be read by children? Which touristic location leaves people the happiest? Use cases are endless and we want to explore them with you!

IBM’s Watson uses state of the art NLP (Natural Language Processiong) to give us an idea of what subtext is delivered with any text – the related research field is called psycholinguistics. Signals from wording, syntax, slang, and punctuation are interpreted by trained neural networks and standardized for practical use. API, food and drinks, and some initial sparks of inspiration are provided, now lets get together and start coding!

All contributions will be published on GitHub under GNU general public license.

Who? IT students, professionals and (Hobby-)programmers
June 09 2018, starting at 10:00
Where? TU Dortmund
To bring? Please bring your own notebook and programming gear – WiFi, Flipcharts, Food and Drinks will be provided
Costs? Free of charge for registered participants

Registration required, please register until 01.06.2018 (Needed information: Full name, E-Mail, Profession)

Interested? Register Here!