Do Instagram posts show happy people and can there be such sensitive writing in a post that certain groups of people read it? What’s the mood on Twitter and other social networks? These are questions to answer during our hackathon!

Join us on August 4th and discover countless application possibilities that we are on the look-out for with the help of Natural Language, Content Processing, and your coding skills. There are no limits set to your creativity.

In order to give you all possible freedom while coding, we provide you with both IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Rekognition. IBM’s Watson uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to give us an idea of which subtext is delivered with which text. Signals from wording, sentence structure, slang and punctuation are interpreted by trained neural networks and standardized for practical use. With the help of Amazon’s Recognition it is also possible to perform image and video analyses. It is based on highly scalable deep learning technologies to perform label and facial analysis functions.

The APIs, food, drinks and first inspirations are provided – we look forward to exciting coding with you!

All contributions will be published on GitHub under GNU general public license.

Who? IT students, professionals and (Hobby-)programmers
When? August 04, 2018, starting at 10:00 (demo presentation approx. between 24:00 and 02:00)
Where? Düsseldorf
To bring? Please bring your own notebook and programming gear – WiFi, Flipcharts, Food and Drinks will be provided
Costs? Free of charge for registered participants
Event language? Hackathon held in German, English speaking participants welcome

Registration required, please register until 30.07.2018 (Needed information: Full name, E-Mail, Profession)

Interested? Register here!

Network Insight GmbH
Postfach 320742
40422 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: info@network-insight.com
Internetadresse: www.network-insight.com