Deep insights about your community and new income with quality content!


In today’s times, users want to be entertained with great new content to keep participating in communities. Community operators face the challenge to stimulate content creation and engagement while revenue from traditional advertisement like banners decreases.

Network Insight helps you understand your community better with deep analytical insights and creates new revenue channels by connecting you to fitting brands and business to incentivize high quality content – whatever type of community you operate (e.g. Facebook group, forum, sharing community, photography portal …)

Enlist your community today and help amazing brands find you

Community Insights

Learn what topics drive your community, who sets the tone, and how your users feel.

Use these insights to tailor your community management precisely to your community’s preferences.

New Revenue with great content

Incentivize content creation through payed cooperations with our partners.

Watch your community blossom with new qualitative and relevant content!

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