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In today’s times social media activity largely happens in the top dog networks Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Users leave their original communities. Revenue from traditional banner advertisement and creation of new, engaging user content decreases.

However, long standing Web-Communities are still fountains of creative content with dedicated users. By stimulating this activity and understanding, who plays which role in the community, knows who, and drives which types of content, Web-Community can be strengthened and find new revenue streams.

What we do:

Community Insights

Learn what topics drive your community, who sets the tone, and how your users feel.

Use these insights to tailor your offers precisely to your community’s preferences.

Community Management

Revitalize engagement and increase traffic by applying community insights !

Let us help you identify chances and risks and improve how you interact with your community .

Monetarized Content

Incentivize content creation through payed cooperation with one of our partners.

Watch your community blossom with new qualitative and relevant content!

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