We provide you with deep audience insights, social listening, and passionate voices to help you spread your message


With nearly limitless new contributions being made on Social Media every day, it becomes more and more difficult to understand ones’ customers needs and preferences. We help you find your audience online and tap into their pulse – Find out what they feel and talk about to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly!

Furthermore, traditional online marketing constantly is losing ground to new ways of promoting brands and products. Traditional Influencer marketing hands over the marketing activity to famous consumers. However, it still has a long way to go. Join us in front: We consider holistic network structure information when evaluating truly influential creators. We believe that good influencer marketing is based on authenticity, scientific reasoning, and trust.

What we do:

Audience Insights and Social Listening

Find your audiences on Social Media and gain data driven insights about them – what topics drive the conversation? What is on the audiences’ minds? What is their mood? Listen into social media channels and find out how consumers perceive your brand and products.

Influential Content Marketing

Utilize our cooperations with exclusive platforms – characterized by extremely homogeneous audiences – to conduct content focused campaigns with high engagement. Let powerful voices help you spread the word of your brand.

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