We offer you deep insights into your audience with next generation social listening.


With nearly limitless new contributions being made on Social Media every day, it becomes more and more difficult to understand ones’ customers needs and preferences. We help you find your audience online and tap into their pulse – Find out what they feel and talk about to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly!

Audience Insights currently generates insights for



Mio. Posts

Mio. Accounts

Audience Circles

Break down your relevant audience in circles to have a separate and clear view along all main social media channels.


Have a quick daily look at the recent dominant topics and emotions in your audience and spot changes in a heartbeat.

Topic Insights

Our machine trained model helps you understand what your audience talks about and discover new thematic trends. Use them to your advantage.

Real Influencers

Our algorithm identifies Influencers based on their actual interaction in the target audience and uncovers fantastic, dedicated users.

Emotional Insights

Find out what your audience is feeling – not just positive and negative notions. See when emotional debates spike and use it to adapt and improve your marketing approach.

Brand Listening

Set up monitors for your products and brands and see how they are perceived in your audience. Listen to your competitors as well to measure yourself along social perception.

Historic Data

Discover trends by looking backwards: Collect historic data of your audience up to one year in the past and continuously keep adding up on active audiences.

Custom Alerts

Never miss important mentions with our alarms – be notified when the discussion changes or the mood declines and act timely.

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