Connect the dots. Understand your audience WITH SOCIAL LISTENING.

AI powered Next Generation Social Listening and innovative influencer identification. Understand your customers with Audience Insights. Discover actionable insights for data and fact based strategic decision making.

AI powered Social Listening Suite

Know your customers

Deep social listening capabilities let’s you understand your customers. We analyze topics and trends, deliver brand analysis and offer insights into industry intelligence. Leverage social data to help you make informed strategic decisions for your business.

go beyond counting followers and likes

Find real influencers

Proprietary algorithms identify really influential persons. Influencers are ranked by how they interact within the target audience to determine how influential someone really is. Let us help you to look beyond the hype and identify micro and nano influencers who are super relevant to your brand’s efforts.

MORE than just sentiment

Analyze emotion

Discover how your audience actually feels instead of just working with positive or negative sentiment. Emotion analysis let’s you find out when topics become emotional and allows you to adapt and improve your approach.

Product Details

Audience Insights BETA Free

Audience Insights BETA Basic

Number of audiences

An audience is a collection of keywords  






Mentions / data points per month


(max. 500/day)


(max. 500/day)


Social networks and digital channels we collect data from. More coming soon



Historical data

Unlimited archive of your collected data

Supported languages

Configurable for meaningful results

English, German

English, German

CSV data export

Weekly report

Receive weekly emails for a quick overiew on major insights 

Social Listening

Social analytics suite

Discover and monitor topics, activity and top content pieces

Emotion analysis

Discover, monitor your target audience’s emotions (e.g. joy, anger, sadness)

Snapshot for topics and emotions

Quickly identifiy current topics and emotions in your audience

Word clouds for topics and hashtags

See which words and hashtags are being used often in mentions

Geography and language

Identify countries your audience is from and languages they use


Influencer identification

Discover your audience’s influencers identified by our proprietary algorithms

TOP 50 Influencer

Access to the most influential persons in your audience

Influencer list

TOP 51 – 100

TOP 1 – 500

Influencer Insights

Rank influencers by Network Insight Score, followers or activity

More Analytics

Keyword search

Targeted exploring of topics discussed in your audience

Top content pieces

See what content drives engagement

Top accounts

Identify most active Social Media users in your audience

All the other stuff

European Data Storage Location

Data is stored exclusively in top tier data centers in Germany

Setup fee

0 €

0 €

Term and billing cycle

no lenghty contracts; billing at beginning of month

one month

one month

0 € / month*

excl. VAT

59 € / month*

excl. VAT

Not fitting in any of our regular plans? Contact us now for a tailor-made offer.

All offers for commercial users only, not for consumers.

All Audience Insights Features

Smart Audience Setup

Unique proprietary algorithms intelligently combine your keywords to form a cohesive picture of your audience.


Have a quick daily look at the recent dominant topics and emotions in your audience and spot changes in a heartbeat.

Topic Insights

Network Insight’s Machine Learning trained model helps you understand what your audience talks about and discovers new thematic trends.

Real Influencers

Our algorithm identifies Influencers based on their actual interaction in the target audience and uncovers fantastic, dedicated users.

Emotion Insights

Find out what your audience actually feels – not just positive and negative notions. See when emotional debates spike and use it to adapt and improve your marketing approach.

Brand Listening

Monitors  your products and brands and let’s you see how they are perceived in your target audience. Listen to your competitors to measure yourself along social perception.

Historical Data

Discover trends by looking backwards: Collect historical data on your audience and continuously keep adding up on active audiences.

Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Detailed analysis and visualizations in a powerful and easy to navigate analytics dashboard.

Keyword Search

Explore any topic of interest and find out how it is discussed and perceived within your target audience with keyword search.

Free Premium Support

It is super important to us that our customers get the most out of our products. We are happy to help you with setting up and optimizing your Audience Insights account.

*) All prices net, excl. VAT. All offers for commercial users only, not for consumers.