Automization and Optimization of your product shelves to mirror your customers’ needs


To make the shopping journey easier, shop owners spend days defining related, cross selling, discounted, and first sight products. A deep understanding of the inventory is needed and even then, most recommendations only display a segment of the full inventory.

Network Insight looks at actual shopping behavior and finds the best fitting related products for every article in your digital store shelves: Save up to 99% time, increase click rates by over 100%, and overall checkouts by up to 50%! Spend your time for things that really matter – and not for filling spread sheets with SKUs!

Coming Soon: Relation Insights for Magento 1

Related Products

Quickly and reliably find the most suitable products to recommend to your customers, our shop system plugin automatically adds them to your shop!

First Sight Products

Optimize the placement of your items with our recommendations to manage the customer experience and maximize the number of items sold!

Discount Recommendation

Use scientific discount recommendations to get customers to buy the items that encourage them to buy more!

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